Women's Health / Screening

Breast Cancer Screening

We encourage breast screening, and feel on balance that the beneficial evidence is favourable. We advise starting at the age of 40 years, with 18-monthly mammograms, although the advice on interval varies, depending on individual mammogram results. Sometimes annual screening is recommended, particularly if you have dense breasts. In some patients screening with ultrasound and/or MRI may also be advised.

Cervical smears

We recommend annual smears, combined with testing for human papilloma virus (HPV) as 99% of cervical cancer is associated with HPV. We encourage HPV vaccination for teenagers, and think it is sensible for boys to be immunised too.
HPV is also associated with others cancers of the pharynx and throat, as well as genital warts.
The first smear is advised at the age of 20, or two years after first sexual intercourse.

Pregnancy and Deliveries

Over the years, we have worked successfully with our team of specialist obstetricians with great benefits. We tend to favour deliveries in the private wings of NHS hospitals in order to gain the benefits of both systems.

The Menopause

We are particularly interested in this area, and work with a leading endocrinologist considering both conventional HRT and body identical hormones.

Ovarian Cancer Screening

Often ovarian cancer presents late, having little in the way of symptoms until the disease is advanced. There is currently no definitive evidence from large multicentre trials of the benefit of screening combining ovarian ultrasound and blood tests such as CA 125. However, many patients will choose to have these tests and evidence can change!