Travel Vaccines

If travelling far afield please have your exact schedule of dates and destinations, so we can give optimal advice. Travel vaccination often involves balancing the risk of the vaccine versus the benefits. The net benefit of vaccines such as rabies and Japanese encephalitis will also depend on the length of stay in a vulnerable area.
We are a certified yellow fever centre

How long do vaccines last?

Yellow fever vaccine: 10 years (this may be extended in the future)
Typhoid vaccine: 3 years
Hepatitis A: Booster 6 to 12 months after the first vaccine which will give you immunity for 20 years.

Tetanus, Polio and Diptheria: the routine primary vaccination schedule of 5 sets of vaccine, should provide long-term immunity. However if going abroad to isolated areas a further booster may be advised after 10 years. Advice should be sought if you have a tetanus-prone wound.

How long before travel do I need to have vaccines?

The above vaccines are ideally given at least two weeks prior to travel.

Courses for rabies and hepatitis B require 3 immunisations and should be started 6 weeks before.

The yellow fever certificate only becomes endorsed 10 days after the jab has been given, so do allow enough time before travel as otherwise you could be refused entry.

Medicines for travel

We provide appropriate prescription-only medicines where prudent. For long-distance sailing trips or expeditions we provide training in suturing and treatment kits which include diagnostic advice.

Travel vaccine prices

Avaxim / Havrix HEP A for adults £55.00
Bexsero (Meningitis B) £125.00
Dukoral (Cholera - oral) (course of 2) £40.00
Engerix B (hep B) (course of 3) £55.00
Engerix B paed (Hep B) £50.00
Gardasil (HPV) (course of 3) £141.60
Havirax adult £55.00
Havirix Junior Monodose (hep A) £40.00
Hepatyrix (hep A & typhoid) £75.00
Japanese encephalitis £115.00
Menitorix (meningitis C) £70.00
Menveo ACWY £30.00
MMRvaxPRO (measles, mumps, rubella) £30.00
Neisvac C (menigitis C) £50.00
Pneumococcal £30.00
Prevenar (pneumococcal Children) £70.00
Prolia 60mg (denosumab) £205.00
Rabies VP £50.00
Revaxis (diptheria,tetanus & polio) £50.00
Rotarix (rota virus vacc) £75.00
Stamaril (yellow fever) £50.00
Twinrix (hep A&B) £75.00
Typhim Vi (typhoid) £30.00
Varivax (varicella, chicken pox) £65.00
Viatim (hep A & typhoid) £75.00
Zostavax (shingles) £140.00