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Professor Cathy Speed BMedSci, BMBS, MA, Dip Sports Med, PhD, FRCP, FFSEM (I) (UK)

Professor Cathy Speed, consultant rheumatologist has worked with us at 90 Sloane Street since 2015. She has looked after the British Olympic teams for the last four Olympics. She is an expert on musculoskeletal medicine. She sees a lot of our patients with back pain and other musculoskeletal issues. Professor Speed works at the Fortius Clinic where we now link with her rather more than her seeing patients at 90 Sloane Street, Chelsea in view of the MRI scanner at Fortius Clinic and many patients needing this investigation.

After thorough clinical assessment her diagnostic approaches include imaging studies, laboratory investigations, physical function measurements as well as sometimes sleep and activity monitoring. Customised management programmes are then developed according to the needs of the individual, and progress is monitored.