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90 Sloane Street is ideally-placed to be the best choice for your health screening. Commercial providers tend to have doctors you only will meet once resulting in a lack of continuity. They will have no knowledge of your past history or investigations. At 90 Sloane Street, medicals and investigations are specifically tailored to you. If any issues come up, you can be referred by us to the best person, from our extensive specialist knowledge. This should be accepted by your insurance company.

Full Medicals

We spend between 75 and 90 minutes with you going over any problems, including sorting out the small issues that are often neglected. We make referrals where helpful and consider your current problems and risk factors, together with your family history.
A detailed examination, ECG, blood tests and urine tests are carried out. We also do cervical smears and prostate examinations.

In the future you will be able to have the option of seeing our in-house physiotherapist. And dermatologist as an extra part of the medical, a detailed mole-check from our dermatologist together with preventative advice is really beneficial. We also offer ultrasound, echocardiograms and stress echo as part of a tailored medical.

At the end of the medical we send you a summary report and action plan. It is specific to you, and is not generic, and does not contain meaningless pages of gibberish with pictures of traffic lights!

How often should you have a medical?

KPMG whom we look after, advise medicals every 2 years below 50 and every year thereafter. We think this is a very reasonable judgment. How early under the age of 40 to start having medicals is a more difficult question to answer, and is best discussed with your own doctor.