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We are delighted to welcome the following specialists - the first ones to join us in offering clinics at 90 Sloane Street:

Dr Janet Ross - Consultant Dermatologist and  Prof Ros Eeles Consultant Oncological Geneticist and Radiotherapist as well as Professor Cathy Speed Consultant in rheumatology and sports medicine. Miss  Lisa Webber Consultant Gynaecologist.

Most recently joined Consultants are Mr John Butler Consultant Gynaecologist an expert in cervical and ovarian cancer as well as general gynaecology.

In the Cardiology field Dr Denis Pellerin Consultant Cardiologist and Echo expert who previously ran the Heart hospital's Echo lab, the most distinguished in Europe. He  is now at St Bartholomews since their move. Denis excitingly has just started our stress echo service last month which has been  planned for over a year.

Dr Vias Markides director of Cardiology at the Brompton joined us 3 months ago and has made an enormous difference to our patients. He specialises in General Cardiology and leads the Brompton's Arrhythmia service, the largest in the country.