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Dr Vias Markides, is Head of cardiology at the Royal Brompton Hospital. We are privileged to have Vias join us in 2016. He does a weekly clinic on a Friday morning and helps us with many patients and our investigations. His joining has brought us up to a new level in cardiological care. Vias is at the cutting edge of all round cardiology with his super speciality being arrhythmias and ablations. His results are exceptional

Dr Denis Pellerin, consultant cardiologist at Bart’s. He has run the largest echo lab in Europe at the Heart Hospital previously. We are honoured to have Denis doing stress echo and supervising our echo programme at 90 Sloane Street. He brought in GE’s latest Echo machine to 90, a real breakthrough to our clinic with its imaging quality being a real technological leap. Denis carries out stress echo on a Thursday morning at 90 Sloane Street when he also does consultations.

Shamshed Begum our Echocardiographer/cardiac technician. We are delighted Shamshed joined us in 2016, and runs our cardiac investigations. She is experienced and very talented. Shamshed, as well as doing echo’s and helping Dr Denis Pellerin with the stress echo’s does the cardiac monitoring of ZIO devices, Alive Cor and 24 Holters and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.