We would like to thank the Cadogan family and Hugh Seabourne CEO of Cadogan, for giving us the opportunity of moving to 90 Sloane street. We are particularly grateful to Nicholas Dutton head surveyor of the Cadogan Estates, who has worked so diligently and with great flare in making all the difference to the building and supervising the project for the last two years. The final result is very much due to his expertise. It gives us more space to provide better facilities and the best possible care for all our patients.

We are indebted to Anna Bilton our interior designer to whom we owe much of the appearance of the building. She has helped with thousands of decisions and pulled it all together!

To Hattie and Johnnie Harley who made some great architectural decisions for us.

Mark Stevens of West One Technical who worked all hours into the night to sort out all the intricacies of managing to make our computers work. His generous dedication over the Christmas period is never to be forgotten!

We would like to thank several unnamed patients who have given us especially helpful advice and encouragement. 

Finally a huge thank you to Georgie, our previous Practice Manager  who coordinated the work,  and to Hazel Gobie who has taken over as Practice Manager and is making such a dedicated difference to us all.